Silk Pillowcase

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 These silk pillow cases not only look great but can be beneficial for skin and hair.  

100% silk on one side with a matching in colour quilting cotton backing to ensure it won't slip off your bed!

Cotton pillow cases absorb moisture out of the skin which dries it out, in turn,  causing wrinkles! Silk does not draw moisture away, keeping all those important oils on your skin.  Silk can also aid in helping acne. Another great benefit is for your hair.  Less breakage and split ends plus less frizz = healthier hair! Silk pillow cases are highly recommended for people with curly hair! 

The silk I use is a high quality. The Ivory, White and Pink area single sided light weight silk satin. The composition is 100% silk and 18-19 momme. The Mint is a double sided silk satin an absolute premium fabric at 100% silk and 37 momme!!

They are customisable with embroidery on the cotton side only. Loads of colours to choose from. Just choose the embroidery listing and leave a note at checkout with what you would like.

It is suggested that they are dry cleaned but a gentle hand wash in cold water will be fine too. Don't iron directly on the silk, I use a tea towel over the silk first. ironing on the cotton side is fine.

Who doesn't love a little luxury at bedtime!!!